Recommendation of Guidelines to seek candidates for "The 3rd GPIF Finance Awards"

February 18th, 2019

Recommendation of Guidelines to seek candidates
for "The 3rd GPIF Finance Awards"

With regard to "the 3rd GPIF Finance Awards", we will seek recommendation of candidates in accordance with following procedures.


The candidates must be researchers in Japan who conducted excellent study that contributes to sophisticate pension fund management(in general this includes those who work at universities and research institutes and practitioners who conduct academic research),or researchers outside Japan who conducted the above study, and have enrolled in Japanese educational institutions or Japanese research institutes as teachers,students, or researchers.


The candidates can be recommended by themselves or by others.


The selection committee of academic advisors will select the winner.

(Member of selection committee)

 Robert C. Merton Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, The School of Management Distinguished Professor of Finance at MIT Sloan and University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University
 Josh Lerner The Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School
 David Chambers Reader in Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
 Kazuo Ueda Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Kyoritsu Women's University and Director, Center for Advanced Research in Finance (Former chair of Investment Advisory Committee)
 Yuri Okina Chairperson of the Institute, The Japan Research Institute, Ltd. (Member of Financial System Council)
 Shinichi Fukuda Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo (Member of Financial System Council)
 Yasuhiro Yonezawa Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance, Waseda University (Former Chair of Investment Advisory Committee)


February 18, 2019
        - March 8, 2019
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