Manager Registration System
(Alternative Assets)

In order to implement alternative investments for Private Equity, Infrastructure, and Real Estate in and outside Japan, GPIF calls for new Asset Managers as follows:

  1. 1. Asset Class/ Investment style

    Fund of Funds products, to be established as Separate Managed Account especially for GPIF, for the following assets.

    (1) Private Equity

    • Global -Diversified
    • Investment Style: Diversified investments in Private Equity funds with various strategies.
    • Region: Global

    (2) Infrastructure

    • Global -Core
    • Investment Style: Diversified investments in mainly Core / Brown field Infrastructure funds
    • Region: Mainly developed countries

    (3) Real Estate

    • Global -Core
    • Investment Style: Diversified investments in mainly Core-type Real Estate funds.
    • Region: Mainly developed countries (in principle excluding Japan)
    • Japan -Core
    • Investment Style: Diversified investments in mainly Core-type Real Estate funds.
    • Region: Japan
    • Products investing in specific regions, e.g. North America/ Europe etc., can be considered for the selection.
    • Products investing mainly in listed funds should be excluded for the selection.
    • Core-type means that a product mainly focuses on generating stable income.
  2. 2. Application Process

    Please visit our website for details of the registration.

  3. 3. Application Schedule

    GPIF does not have a deadline for offering, so please apply at any time. We will review your application as needed.

  4. 4. Notices

    (1) Applicants are required to have registration of Investment Management Business under " Financial Instrument and Exchange Act (Act No. 25 of 1948)"and could conduct Investment Management Business for the applying mandates. In case applicants are based outside Japan and do not have this registration of Investment Management Business in Japan, applicants need to apply for the selection jointly with a qualified local Asset Manager as a " Gate Keeper". In the case where asset manager doesn't meet GPIF's qualification, such Asset Manager can provide us with information, e.g. performance data. When the Asset Manager meets GPIF's qualification, the Asset Manager can apply for Asset Manager Registration System.

    (2) An orientation meeting for this selection was held at GPIF office on 17th April, 2017.
    Please click here for the orientation materials.The material is updated on 3rd July, 2020.

    (3) The governance framework and the system to manage conflicts of interest for both Fund of Funds Manager and Gatekeeper are one of the important evaluation items.

Appointed Managers for Alternative Assets

【Global Infrastructure Mandate ("Core Strategy")】

【Real Estate Mandate ("Core Strategy" in Japan)】

【Global Real Estate Mandate ("Core Strategy")】
(Commingle Fund Investments)

【Global Real Estate Mandate ("Core Strategy")】
(Co-investments in Joint Ventures and Club deals)

Investment Manager

Gatekeeper:Asset Management One Co., Ltd.
Fund of Funds Manager:CBRE Global Investment Partners Limited

【Private Equity Mandate ("Global-Diversified Strategy")】