The 6th GPIF Finance Awards Winners Announced

Apr, 4, 2024

The selection committee of academic advisors selected the winners as follows.


Noriyoshi YANASE

Professor, Keio University

(Reasons for selection)

Professor Yanase has conducted researches on how retirement benefits and corporate pension plans are related to corporate finance and corporate behavior. Despite its practical importance in Japan, few researchers in the world have tackled such distinctive field. He has steadily made unique works s, and we expect his further achievements in the future.


Katsushi SUZUKI

Professor, Hitotsubashi University

(Reasons for selection)

Professor Suzuki has conducted thought-provoking research on important topics in finance not only from an academic perspective but also from a practical one, including analysis of the relationship between shareholder perks and Firm value that is distinctive in Japan, and analysis of CEO succession. Considering his remarkable works, we look forward his further achievements in the future.

(Member of selection committee)

Josh Lerner The Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School
David Chambers Reader in Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Yuri Okina Chairperson of the Institute, The Japan Research Institute, Ltd. (Member of Financial System Council)
Shinichi Fukuda Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Yasuhiro Yonezawa Former Professor, Graduate School of Business and Finance, Waseda University (Former Chair of Investment Advisory Committee)
Tatsuyoshi Okimoto Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University
Yasuyuki Kato Professor, Business School, Kyoto University of Advanced Science (Member of Board of Governors)