Call for Applications for Global Environmental Stock Index (Press Release)

November, 1, 2017

Government Pension Investment Fund (hereinafter, "GPIF") has promoted ESG investment for the purpose of improving long-term portfolio returns by reducing negative impacts of corporate activities on the environment and society. GPIF holds the view that among crucial ESG matters, environmental issues such as climate change represent a cross-border challenge, and has decided to call for applications for the environmental index for global equities(Note).

Comment by President Norihiro Takahashi:

As a universal owner and long-term investor, GPIF understands that environmental issues such as climate change is an important ESG factor. The majority of existing environmental stock indices, however, seeks to make low carbon on portfolios by excluding specific industries. Consequently, few indices aim to build a green economy, evaluating companies across the board that contribute to sustainable environment. Therefore, we have decided to request for proposals for global environmental stock indices.

GPIF is committed to ESG investment and to promote ESG integration globally.

Please see,"Call for Applications for Global Environmental Stock Index" dated November 1, 2017
GPIF put on hold the selection of the environmental stock index for Japanese equities, which had been under examination with respect to the "Call for Applications for ESG Index for Japanese Equities."