Call for Applications of Asset Managers for Japanese Bonds

  1. Asset Class/ Investment Style and Benchmark

    (1)Asset Class/ Investment Style
    Active Investment and Passive Investment of Japanese Bonds

    ①Active Investment

    • NOMURA - BPI plus Inflation - Linked (The new customized index combined between "NOMURA - BPI (excluding ABS)" and "NOMURA - JTIPS")
    • NOMURA-BPI (excluding ABS)
    • Any other benchmark in accordance with investment products proposals

    ②Passive Investment
    The benchmark for passive investment will be assigned by GPIF.

  2. Application Process
    Please visit here for details of the registration.
    In case of applying for passive investment, please provide the track record of NOMURA-BPI (excluding ABS) or other Japanese Bond benchmark.
  3. Offering period
    GPIF does not have a deadline for offering, so please apply at any time. We will review your application as needed.
  4. Notices

    ① Investable bonds are stated in the Operation Policy. In addition, the GPIF's investment guideline excludes the following from the investable instruments.

    List of non-investable instruments

    • JPY-hedged foreign bonds
    • Derivatives (excluding bond futures)
    • Defaulted securities
    • Non-rated securities (except for those with issuer's rating or guarantor's rating)
    • ABS (only those that count as "security" in Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act)
    • MTNs with the above characteristics

    ② GPIF requests passive investment managers to add value against benchmark within a certain range of tracking error.