About GPIF

Investment Principles

The GPIF has established “Investment Principles” as set forth below.
These principles reflect our commitment to the public , and the Committee members, executives, and staff are committed to acting with the highest professional ethics and integrity.
The GPIF is committed to further strengthening investment management, continuing to be fully accountable and earning the trust of the public.

Please refer to the following for detail.

Code of Conduct

The GPIF has established the Code of Conduct("Code")to be observed by Committee members members, executives, staff, and other related personnel.
In day-to-day investment management, each member of the GPIF is committed to proving worthy of the trust of the public, and faithfully complying with this Code.


The new Government Pension Investment Fund shall manage and invest the Reserve Funds of the Government Pension Plans entrusted by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, in accordance with the provisions of the Employees' Pension Insurance Act (Law No.115 of 1954) and the National Pension Act (Law No.141 of 1959), and shall contribute to the financial stability of both Plans by remitting profits of investment to the Special Accounts for the Government Pension Plans.

Name Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan
Directors and
Executive Officers
President   Norihiro Takahashi
Executive Managing Director (Planning and General Affairs)   Teiichi Fujiwara
Executive Managing Director (Chief Investment Officer)   Hiromichi Mizuno
Auditor   Sumihiko Yoshie
Auditor   Sakae Komiyama
Address 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan   map
Tel +81-3-3502-2486
Capital 100 million yen

Organization Chart


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